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See what 360° graphics can do for your brand.

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Customer file upload.

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Harsh conditions demand a tough label!

See how our WalleSyn® synthetic labels can survive your most difficult challenges.

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Label Management Services

Whatever your label demands are, Walle is here to serve you. Each customer has distinctive requirements, but we have what it takes to address your specific needs.

Fast Turnarounds and Dedicated Capacity

Need labels delivered extra fast - in 4 days, not 4 weeks? Walle has a proven reputation for responding fast. Our quick turnarounds will prevent production downtime or disruptive rescheduling due to label shortages. It will also help you beat your competition to the shelf with your newest product.


  • Secure On-line Customer Access - Walle offers 24/7 secure on-line access to your order status, order history and inventory levels through our web based portal.
  • Electronic Data Interchange – Walle is fully EDI capable allowing you to electronically exchange transactions with us in a fast, efficient and automated process.
  • Electronic Fund Transfer – Walle is fully EFT capable allowing you to process your payments electronically which is more efficient and secure.

Vendor Managed Inventory & Ordering

We’re pros at just-in-time delivery. Running short of labels is a production disaster you won’t have to worry about when you choose Walle as your label manufacturer. Our Vendor Managed Inventory and Ordering (VMI/VMO) programs are customized to your unique business needs. We formulate and establish agreed-upon label inventory levels based on your forecasted needs. Then we monitor your releases and place the orders so you don’t have to. Our VMI label programs offer:
  • Attractive inventory terms
  • Reduced make-ready costs
  • Reduced administration costs
  • Quick turnaround and JIT delivery
  • HACCP-accredited, HV-controlled warehouses to protect your investment

Logistics Management

Our VMI / VMO programs work hand-in-hand with our flexible logistics and freight management services. As label manufacturers, we link our two production and warehouse facilities to deliver your labels where and when you need them, with lower transit costs. Our Logistics services offer:
  • HACCP-accredited warehouses to protect your inventory
  • Reduced lead time
  • Lower freight costs
  • Lower administrative costs

Combination Label Run Programs

As a label manufacturer, Walle offers Combination Label Club Run Programs ideal for the smaller customer or regional brands. Our combo label club run program offers up to 6 color labels in quantities as low as 25,000 at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated run. We even offer a "Sprint" program which can deliver your combination labels in less than 2 weeks.

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