Shrink sleeves are hot!

See what 360° graphics can do for your brand.

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Customer file upload.

Send your files to our pre-press department the fast, easy way.

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Harsh conditions demand a tough label!

See how our WalleSyn® synthetic labels can survive your most difficult challenges.

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Top-notch Label Technical Service = Peace of Mind

Your labels look good, but how do they run on your labeling line? Walle builds superior performance into all of our labeling solutions—and we back up our promise with expert label technical support.

We are Your Partner

Our Certified Technical Service team is expert in every aspect of labeling, from substrates and adhesives to application processes and equipment. We stand ready to ensure seamless label performance on your filling lines.

Our Technical Support Services include:

  • Assisting with proper labeling equipment set-up
  • Optimizing line performance results
  • Resolving label application issues
  • Providing on-site, class-room training for label operators
  • Testing new label types and constructions

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