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Leading Pre-press Technologies

Vibrant, attractive package labels start with optimizing your label graphics for high quality reproduction. Walle has the expertise and advanced technologies to do it right.

How We Do It?

100% Digital Workflow

Walle was the first label manufacturer to offer a 100% digital workflow for both its litho and flexo customers leveraging our early investment in ground breaking computer-to-plate technologies. Today, our expertise from this pioneering effort and our advanced Esko Artwork workflow, now using HD Flexo technology ensures a streamlined process that is fast, efficient and accurate.

Graphic Design Optimization

With expert file preparation, image manipulation and retouching, we make sure that all of your design expectations are achieved. Automated warping for heat shrink labels is one example of the technological investments that we make to support this effort. Eliminating tedious and less accurate manual gridline methods, this advanced pre-press technology allows our designers to automatically shrink your graphics to precisely match the container’s shape. 2D distorted graphics are then exported into a virtual 3D model to simulate the final package design for viewing.

Advanced Proofing Technologies

Walle supports its 100% digital workflow with the latest state-of-the-art digital proofing technologies for the packaging industry, providing our customers with high quality, accurate and efficient color proofs. Additionally, we provide remote proofing capabilities including virtual 3D models for heat shrink label applications. We can also provide you with digital labels and prepare product comps.

Color Management System

Consistent and accurate color reproduction is your expectation, and our Control Management System guarantees your expectations are met. We have established standards for each step of the color reproduction process. From our design and proofing processes to in-house plate making and ink formulation standards to our profiled presses and spectrophotometric controls, our entire label manufacturing system is calibrated and monitored to reproduce consistent color quality across all your labels, all of the time.

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