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Walle Corporation Honored as Ocean Spray’s Supplier of the Year

Harahan, LA – August 22, 2008 – Walle Corporation, a leading label supplier to the beverage, food and household products industry, today was honored as the recipient of Ocean Spray’s Supplier of the Year award within its category of secondary packaging.

Ocean Spray held a two day event which included a vendor banquet with numerous Ocean Spray executive business presentations and participation by a number of top tier suppliers from around the globe. Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc., the nation’s leading manufacturer of cranberry- and grapefruit-based drinks, sauces and sweetened dried products, praised Walle Corporation for its successful execution of Project Shirley Temple, continued reinvestment in new printing technologies and its innovative Cut & Stack Film Label - WalleSyn Pro™.

Ocean Spray CEO Randy Papadellis was proud to announce that this marks the fourth time that Walle has received this prestigious award having previously received the award in 1993, 1999 and 2003 . Over the last two decades, Ocean Spray has also recognized four of Walle’s associates for their contributions including Walle’s former CEO Cecil Keeney, who was honored in 2006 with Ocean Spray’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

About Walle Corporation

Walle Corporation is a leading label supplier to the beverage, food and household products industries. The Company has two operating divisions in the United States printing lithographic and flexographic label products that include Cut & Stack Paper, Cut & Stack Film, Roll-Fed, Roll-Fed Shrink, In-Mold and Shrink Sleeve labels.