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Walle Leaps Ahead with Award Winning HD Flexo Technology

Winchester, KY, October 12, 2009 – Walle Corporation, a leading label supplier to the consumer packaged goods industry, today announced its adoption of High Definition Flexographic technology for use with its full line of flexographic printed label products including Shrink Sleeve, Cut & Stack Film, Roll-fed Film and Roll-fed Shrink.

High Definition Flexography (or HD Flexo) is the latest award winning technology developed by pre-press leader EskoArtwork that utilizes high resolution laser optics, employing multiple beams, to achieve plate imaging at 4,000 pixels per inch. When combined with advanced screening technologies, the full tonal range of gravure and offset can now be achieved on press and the quality gap between flexo and other print processes is virtually eliminated.

Prior to HD Flexo, plates were digital imaged at 2,400 pixels per inch. At this resolution, it was not feasible to consistently reproduce dots of 7% or less and lower screen rulings were often necessary (133 lines per inch or less). This could result in certain compromises to design when using flexography versus other print methods.

The higher imaging resolution of HD Flexo creates a rounder and more stable dot on the plate. For the smallest of dots, this improved dot structure translates to more consistent and higher quality reproduction on press. When combined with advanced screening technologies, now printing a 1% dot at 150 lines per inch via flexography is achievable. As a result, vignettes are smoother and can now gradate down to zero, and there is greater detail and contrast in the highlights and shadows with no contouring.

To the consumer’s naked eye, HD Flexo means a more realistic image with photographic reproduction quality. To the design firm or brand owner, HD Flexo means no compromises to the original design or lower expectations when using flexo versus other print processes.

“When Walle first began printing labels flexographically in the mid-80’s, we were one of its early pioneers introducing our customers to its distinct advantages for printing film labels. Though flexo evolved significantly since that time, when compared to gravure, it still had a limitation. Now with HD Flexo, the limitation is gone,” said Sean Keeney, Walle’s President and CEO. “Seeing is believing. The reproduction of photographic images is now much smoother, sharper and more consistent. Sometimes it is hard to believe what we are capable of reproducing.”

“Walle’s early adoption of this groundbreaking technology is just another example of our leadership in the label industry,” added Keeney. “Walle had steered flexo a long way since its beginning; now with HD Flexo, we are leaping ahead.”

About Walle Corporation

Walle Corporation is a leading label supplier to the beverage, food and household products industries. The Company has two operating divisions in the United States printing lithographic and flexographic label products that include Cut & Stack Paper, Cut & Stack Film, Roll-Fed, Roll-Fed Shrink, In-Mold and Shrink Sleeve labels.