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Thinking Big, Moving Fast...Doing More, Using Less

More than 100 Years of Innovation

With a history of evolution spanning over 100 years, Walle has demonstrated its commitment to innovation. As a leader in the label industry, we were one of the first to:
  • Specialize exclusively in label print production
  • Introduce flexo label solutions as an addition to our litho label products
  • Pioneer laminated paper labels (paper/poly) for hot-fill PET bottles
  • Develop and utilize in-line chill roll flexo presses for roll-fed labels
  • Introduce 100% computer-to-plate digital workflow for litho and flexo labels

Other Walle Innovations

  • Breaking new ground with HD Flexo technology
  • Introducing our EcoFlex™ shrink sleeve labels (2008)
  • Investing in the latest wide web flexographic technologies (2006)
  • Developing WalleSyn™ and WalleSyn Pro™ (2002)
  • Introducing Six Sigma / Lean Management initiatives (2001)

Sustainability Achievements

As a long time leader of sustainable label manufacturing, Walle has been committed to doing the right thing for our customers, our employees and our environment. We invite you to review our Commitment to Sustainability policy statement and welcome the oppurtunity to share with you our sustainability achievements and goals for the future.
  • Recycle 100% of film waste and trim
  • Recycle 100% of paper waste and trim
  • Use 100% water-based flexo inks
  • Use 100% solvent-free photopolymer plates
  • Use 50% naturally renewable content litho inks
  • Reuse 99% of residual inks and coatings
  • Reduce VOCs by 100% use of solventless and UV laminating adhesives
  • Reuse 100% of residual coatings and adhesives
  • Recycle 100% of inbound materials packaging
  • Reduce 100% of pre-press film by going 100% computer to plate
  • Reduce 12% of certain labels through lightweighting